Teen Connection

By Perrin Kendall
One teen takes us on her journey from feeling helpless in the aftermath of school shootings to discovering the power that comes from actively praying to prevent them. Read...
By John Biggs
This writer really wanted a girlfriend, but nothing he was doing was working. How about praying about it? suggested a friend. Pray about getting a girlfriend? Can you even do that? Read on to find out what he discovered. Read...
By Deborah Huebsch
Are there certain moral choices that are right or wrong? The teens in a Christian Science Sunday School class took a look at a variety of moral issues using both the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy as their guides. Read...
Your Healing
By Pius Sempumbu
After hurting his ankle in a basketball game, this author decided to try praying about it in Christian Science the way he was learning to. Read on to find out what that looked like—and how it helped. Read...


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