Teen Connection

By Deborah Huebsch
Do our individual prayers make a difference when it comes to the big stuff going on in the world? This author says yes—and explains how she knows. Read...
Your Healing
By Jacey Williams
During an international trip, this teen began to panic when she couldn’t remember a critical piece of information that she needed to get to her next destination. What she did remember, however, was to pray. Read...
By Amy Richmond
In college, she doubted her abilities and needed reassurance, even when she was performing well. By grad school, she faced down failure with ease. What changed? For this author, the shift happened when she got a deeper understanding of her spiritual identity. Read...
Your Healing
By Name Withheld
This teen felt out of place and unhappy during a visit with relatives. How could they find common ground and get along? Prayer opened the way. Read...


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